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Adult Bobble Hats

● Knitted bobble hats with ribbing and pom pom detail

● Nine funky styles to choose from!
✧Top row: colour block, primary wiggle, red chevron
✧Middle row: shapes on black, autumn stripe, yellow/purple tartan
✧Bottom row: mix & match, contrast stripe, memphis

● Size measures about 21-25in, ribbing allows give and take of sizes too for a comfy fit!

● Made from 100% soft cotton with acrylic pom

● 100% handmade with love! Knitted using a domestic machine and entirely hand linked together

● Because of the handmade nature please allow 1-2 weeks before delivery. Feel free to drop me a message to know the status of your knit ❤

● Totally customisable! Have a favourite colour you'd love to see on the accents instead? Send me a message and I'll show you what I've got!

❤ Handwash only and air dry
❤ Iron with steam to keep it looking smooth and fresh
❤ Give the pom occasional haircuts too keep them looking their best

The hats are knitted on a standard needle bed with 4ply yarn so are a medium thickness, perfect for all year wear!

Sometimes due to supplier issues and demand of my yarn supply, the colour shades could vary slightly but I will always keep it as close as possible!

£28.00 GBP

  • Image of Adult Bobble Hats
  • Image of Adult Bobble Hats
  • Image of Adult Bobble Hats
  • Image of Adult Bobble Hats